A whole new world awaits the graduating class of 2024, and a little preparation now and throughout the summer will make all the difference. Here are five things for graduates to consider as they look to launch their careers:


The Competition is Heating Up

Competition. In 2022, there was a job opening for every applicant, according to LinkedIn. Now, in 2024 there are 2 applicants for every job.”

A few short years ago, college grads had a lot to think about, but lack of opportunity wasn’t one of them. After the great resignation and overhaul of the working world as we knew it, jobs were aplenty.

And while the recovery hasn’t ceased entirely, it has certainly slowed. The class of 2024 will face a less enthusiastic market that will require creativity and persistence while looking for the right role.


Soft Skills are (Almost) Everything

LinkedIn has seen a 21% increase in job postings advertising skills and responsibilities instead of qualifications. With less focus on GPA.”

We’ve been sharing this tip for years now and the trend continues – employers are looking for candidates who have the ‘it’ factor that can’t necessarily be listed as a bullet point on your resume.

This means your experiences outside of school and your presentation in the interview matter just as much as the certifications you’ve received and tasks you completed in previous roles.

Remember what we always say: Character counts.

 T H R E E  

The Time to Act is Now

While graduation was most likely yesterday for you, spring is a busy time for HR managers and recruiters.

Be mindful of what’s happening in your desired industry as you fold up your cap and gown, for example springtime: May/ June for some recruiters looks like:

  • Graduation season: Colleges and universities release fresh graduates into the job market, prompting increased hiring for entry-level positions.
  • Retail and hospitality: Tourism surges in many areas, leading to heightened hiring in hospitality and tourism-related industries.
  • Internship programs: Companies initiate summer internship programs, offering opportunities for students and recent graduates.


Stay Tuned to Stay on Top

“…the job market is dynamic, and the most in-demand industries and popular roles can vary based on global events, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer behavior, as well as industry priorities.”

Expanding on the point above, being aware of what is going on in the market will give new graduates a distinct advantage when it comes to knowing where to look.

And it doesn’t stop once you’ve landed an interview. Staying informed about the industry you hope to work in – especially the organizations with whom you’ll be meeting– is a must.


Networking is Not Optional

When early candidates use targeted networking, they yield favorable results in getting ahead in the recruiting process”

You’ve heard it a million times – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

And while that may seem like a frustrating cliché for recent grads, don’t overlook the fact that you’ve been working at this for years whether you meant to or not.

Everyone you meet is a potential connection, and college, especially, provides the resources as well as the perfect environment to leverage these relationships.

Don’t be afraid to use them. Whether its alumni networks, fellow club members, classmates, or your academic advisor, you’ve been slowly building what will now be your professional lifeline… now that you’re a graduate.

B O N U S   T I P

Professional Guidance: Seek advice and coaching from industry professionals or career experts. Getting personalized guidance can provide invaluable insights, help you navigate complexities, and refine your strategies for job hunting or career advancement.

While at TZR we deal primarily with C-suite roles and higher-level positions we have many clients that have been with us for their entire career journey.

From starting out in their first job after graduation to starting their own department at a leadership level and returning to us to help strategically build a successful team – know that when we find talent we are invested in you and as invested as you. Ready to start building your career? Connect with us today.

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