A Case for Hiring TZR to Help Build Your Team


Building a team is one of the most important, and personal, parts of launching a new business. It sets the tone for your organization and establishes the culture of your brand going forward. TZR takes this seriously and strives to serve as a partner every step of the way.  

As things tend to go when a job is well done, TZR recently had the pleasure of serving a returning client who came back with a new need.

“I had previously worked with Scott Collins, now President of Senix Tools, and he knew the way we work and had had a great experience with me. When he was brought into Senix with the opportunity to build a team Scott called us,” says Mark Fisher, TZR President.

Scott did his due diligence, interviewing several recruiting firms to find the best fit to help with the process, “but TZR stood out with their attention to detail on what we were looking for. They went above and beyond to showcase their talents and what they could do for us to grow our team.”

First up was Jake Manchester, an experienced Product Manager who was looking for an opportunity to advance with a new organization and lay the foundation for his career; finding both opportunities for professional growth and fulfillment.

Working with TZR, Jake says he experienced ‘a genuine personal investment’ in securing his role with Senix. TZR’s John Holland took the lead, providing coaching throughout the interview process including refining Jake’s resume and honing how to effectively verbally communicate skills.

“John played a vital role in my preparation through each round of interviewing and advocated on my behalf to ensure this role would be the best fist possible,” says Jake.  

Why use a recruiting firm?

Even at its most efficient, the hiring process can be arduous and time consuming. With mile-long to-do lists and the stresses of growing and maintaining your business, calling in a recruiting partner just makes sense.

Mark says “At TZR, we want to take as much off your plate as possible so that you can invest the necessary time and energy at the end of the process – when hiring decisions are made. We become part of your team”.

Senix is a great example of how TZR sets clients up for success. After tapping into our network of qualified professionals and vetting candidates to make sure those that made it to the interview process were the best of the best, the hardest thing Senix had to do was decide between some of the industry’s top talent.

“The level of talent TZR brought to each role had our internal interviewing team debating for long periods of time about which candidate was the best option. TZR took our request to heart and found many candidates that were a fit, then left it up to us to make the right decision,” said Scott.

No question, working with a recruiting firm provides an extra level of confidence when it comes to quality of the candidates. Todd Woodhams, Senix VP, Product Management found this especially helpful as the team was built. “TZR has the ability to find qualified candidates in a more efficient manner than just a job posting. With a job posting, you don’t know who is going to apply or if they have what you need for that role. TZR is able to screen candidates to make sure it is a good fit.”

TZR not only helps organizations manage a successful hiring process – we are a go-to for candidates, too. John Watson, Product Manager at Senix was hired during TZR’s partnership with the firm. He offers this advice to job seekers working with recruiters, “Over-communicate. Always be on a communication schedule and err on the annoying side rather than blasé. Be on the top end of the messaging app of the recruiter. Even if it is just a note on the holidays, all that communication will keep you higher on the candidate list because you are easier to remember.”

John’s strategy worked. “I had a plan for where I see myself, but the decision was built around what I felt was best for my career and where I felt the most growth could occur…I feel my long-term goals are better served at Senix.”

When it comes down to it, a job well done will be rewarded for years to come in many different ways. Whether TZR is representing individual talent or reaching out on behalf of a corporation our character always comes first and our credentials speak for themself.

“I felt like TZR was more like a consultant, giving us industry feedback and knowledge about the overall market to help us narrow our search,” concludes Scott. “Hire a firm that makes you feel like they are an extension of your inner team. TZR does just that.”  

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