Are Employees Moving on to New Jobs? Here’s What Employers Should Consider.


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As an employer, it is important to consider – are you willing/able to offer what employees want and need right now? Do you have the flexibility to offer options for employees that want to work from home, those that want a hybrid option, and those that prefer to be in-office?

Why are employees leaving?

If employers don’t want to suffer more talent losses, they need to understand that employees have different expectations than they did before March of 2020.”

“Employees are feeling burnt-out, underappreciated and overworked. As an employer, there is an opportunity to set yourself apart and show potential new-hires how you can provide the kind of opportunities they want to feel more fulfilled in their career,” said Mark Fisher, TZR president.

This is where TZR can work magic. Our process is dynamic and responsive to changing market needs. And, right now, that means finding the top talent in your industry and showing them how you can deliver on what they value most.

Employers will need to stay optimistic and take a more strategic approach to recruitment and retention in their industry.”

How TZ helps you stay ahead

TZR can help you efficiently navigate both recruiting and retention while you continue to adjust to rapidly changing dynamics.  Whether that means finding high-level executives who can set a new tone going into 2022 or filling roles that have specific needs and finding creative ways to recruit the right people from a large pool of potential employees. There are a lot of people looking for work and a lot of roles to fill.

Monster chief executive officer Scott Gutz said “Today, when you‘re having a conversation with a candidate who’s making a decision about whether to work at your company, you have to talk about flexibility, safety and security, career paths, mission and vision, diversity and equity and inclusion, and your willingness as an employer to grow their career. Those are things that are expected right up front now, not after the fact.”

Finding the right person for the job is challenging in the best of times – with the current climate, it is more important than ever to identify and recruit the best of the best in your industry.

Understanding their current strengths and weaknesses, assessing growth potential and identifying those that have staying-power is essential: TZR has a process in place to do just that. Competition is going to continue to be a major hurdle for the foreseeable future for both employers and employees, alike. Thanks to remote work the world has grown even bigger in many industries and TZR has the vast network needed to identify the top job seekers at any level and fill spots with efficiency.

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