Are your hiring practices evolving for 2023?

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It seems nearly impossible to keep track of the evolving job market and related trends since the upheaval of 2020, with experts in the field predicting seismic shifts in the way employers and employees alike can best survive and thrive with each new wave.

Mass layoffs, followed by a rebounding market, followed again by mass resignations has left some in the recruiting industry in a state of anxious anticipation for the next big adjustment.

But while the outlook going into 2023 may not be as bright as we all would like, it seems that one of the major themes from 2022 will remain true into the new year – in many cases, job seekers will continue to hold the upper hand during the hiring process.

“Despite looming talks of recessions, Indeed and Glassdoor economists believe that hiring will remain challenging for years to come, driven by demographics and evolving preferences. Workers will continue to have the leverage to press for higher pay, stronger benefits, scheduling flexibility, and a variety of other perquisites,” Fast Company.

Now is the Time to Hire the Hiring Experts

When going through the recruiting process, it is more important than ever that your organization is ready and willing to adjust in real-time to shifting expectations.

Companies with complicated application processes, too many HR-related hoops to jump through and lagging response times will continue to lose out on the best quality candidates as they are snatched up by agile competitors.

And while a speedy, streamlined process will no doubt help attract top talent, there are plenty of other considerations that rank high on the list for job seekers. Now it’s up to employers to make sure applicants know they are addressing these needs.

Want to win favor with job seekers? “A more empathetic and human approach to hiring can drive loyalty and a deep connection to corporate values’ among candidates and increase the likelihood top prospects accept offers,” Lever. We’ve long believed in hiring character over credentials.

What role do recruiters play in this ever-changing environment?

At TZ Recruiting we recognize that, just as the job market changes, so does the candidate pool. And some of the trends we are seeing will require a shift in thinking from traditional workplace processes and procedures.

TZR helps our clients stay up-to-date and nimble when it comes to hiring practices. “Recruiting will increasingly be recognized as a strategic role. Recruiting leaders and recruiters will be expected to bring a perspective, push back, and lead the way forward. That means aligning with the client’s business goals and advising clients on the best way to achieve them,” Recruiter Flow.

Efficient + Effective Hiring

As members of Gen Z begin to enter the workplace, a focus on speed and efficiency will be key; as well as a willingness to think out-of-the-box during the hiring process. Find out why TZR has so much success hiring this demographic here.

The idea of seeking out and engaging candidates for positions at all levels will become as commonplace as it has always been when filling higher-level positions. When the talent pool is shrinking, it’s up to companies and their recruiting partners to proactively seek out the best of the best, fully aware that if your organization isn’t willing to do so, one of your competitors will. 

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