Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

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Focusing on the candidate experience is not only best practice, “…it’s now a necessity to attract and win over the best candidates.”

It’s no secret that quality talent is in high demand. Going up against your competitors for the same hires requires a thoughtful and nuanced approach.

It’s important to offer the right combination of compensation, benefits, company culture and opportunities for growth – otherwise you’ll continually lose top applicants to ‘the other guys’.

Don’t risk not getting it right the first time – here’s some of the ways TZR ensures your success.


Candidate experience is “…how a job seeker feels about your company as a potential employer, based on the series of interactions they’ve had with your organization throughout the recruitment process.”

With TZR identified talent we navigate through a number of touchpoints that create a pathway for the candidate experience, including but not limited to:

  • Customized information about the company and the personalities that the candidate engages with inside the hiring company
  • Personalized communication
  • Real-time updates tracked in our project management software
  • Candidate screening and interview process
  • Interaction with recruiters and hiring team members 
  • Notifications about the candidate’s application status


 On top of all of this, a positive experience can actually boost revenue and strengthen brand loyalty.”

Regardless of the outcome, employers should strive to have each candidate exit the process with a positive view of their interactions with your organization. 

A few TZR tips for creating a positive experience:


  • From the first interaction, candidates should feel that communication with your organization is consistent and engaging
  • Instill trust in candidates by being candid about the process, providing realistic timelines and honest feedback

In general, a positive candidate experience offers clear, honest and consistent communication. When you effectively communicate with candidates throughout each step of your recruiting process, they are considerably more likely to have a positive experience with your company.”

Effective Interviews:

  • Avoid asking standard/old-school questions and instead engage in meaningful, two-way conversations
  • Model good listening and respectful behavior (the same you’d expect from any professional interaction) to ensure that the candidate leaves with a sense that they had a chance to show their best self

Positive Recruiting:

Remember that in today’s connected world, you should expect candidates to share their experience with others. Whether they ultimately are hired or not, everyone who interacts with your organization should feel that their time spend was worthwhile.

This makes future hiring a little bit easier by maintaining a pool of qualified candidates to draw from without starting each search from scratch, “…imagine if just half of the candidates you interacted with remained interested in future opportunities at your company.”

“So, keep in mind that your candidate experience affects more than just your applicants. It also plays a significant role in your recruiting results, and your business as a whole. That means if you’re offering a poor candidate experience, it’s hindering you and your organization. However, if you evaluate your candidate experience and find ways to strengthen it, you can reap the various rewards that come along with providing a positive candidate experience.”

TZR is positioned to help guide your organization through the process of establishing/improving your candidate experience using our years of success in the recruiting world. Our network of talented, industry-specific candidates allows us access to the best-of-the-best who already trust us to provide a positive hiring process. We can use this trust to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for everyone.

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