Digital Brings Change To Workplace in Manufacturing and Supply Chain


Working and Recruiting Goes Digital

Home improvement industries have experienced some big changes, including companies embracing more digital platforms and work-from-home scenarios, that just a year ago would have been unheard of.

Responding to the global pandemic and adapting to a new way of working has created digital innovations and opportunities. Working from home may be here to stay for many companies and therefore may no longer be considered a perk as part of recruiting package.

This article in Industry Today talks a lot about preparing early for the new digital age and what hiring may look like in the future.

Quote: “The digital wave has touched every aspect of our lives, especially in the wake of Covid-19, and it would be shortsighted to imagine that will change after the danger has passed. Manufacturers should take this golden opportunity to revolutionize their hiring practices and come out on the other side of the pandemic stronger, more resilient and ready to face the future.”

Takeaways: Do you need to change the way you maintain your staffing pipeline to keep up with demand? How are you leveraging tech to better reach potential employees faster?

Tech Creates Flexibility in the Supply Chain

This article from Materials, Handling and Logistics, is a great example of how some of the most steadfast and traditional industries pivoted to adapt to the pandemic with new methods that can be useful far beyond the reach of COVID.

Quote: “How can DCs and warehouses manage recruiting and hiring given this unprecedented level of uncertainty? Flexible technology, processes, and organizational alignment with partners are key to keeping fixed costs low and optimizing scalability. Ensuring they are able to scale recruiting up and down quickly, and recruit remotely, is important. Partners will play a key role in both of these scenarios.”

Takeaways: You need flexible supply chain partners and strategic recruitment marketing. How is the unpredictability of demand planning affecting your hiring strategy?

Need an Expert Recruiting Partner?

At TZ Recruiting we think a lot about how technology can assist and support organizations/supply chains and strategize with our clients about effective hiring practices.

Whether you’re searching for the ‘new normal’ or ways to make smarter and faster decisions we can help, because what hasn’t changed is that the talent you want needs to be cost-effective, reliable, and able to capitalize on disruptions in service and supply.

Reach out to us if you want to talk through some ideas about your talent recruiting process, we know your industry and your unique challenges… lets start building together today.

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