Executive Recruiter for Vice President of Sales

When you’re searching for a Vice President of Sales, experience matters. TZ Recruiting has spent years crafting a unique executive search framework with sales leaders in mind. When your organization needs to hire a VP of sales, we know how important it is to get the process right from start to finish. Our sales recruiters will be with you from the beginning to ensure the interview process goes smoothly and, in the end, you find the right person for your sales team.

TZR Identifies Top Talent for Vice President of Sales Roles

TZR is able to find top talent because we understand the importance of identifying high performing sales and marketing professionals. Regardless of industry, when hiring sales professionals, the basic framework for our search process is unchanged. Identify. Engage. Deliver.

When beginning our executive search process, we start by identifying top talent in our sales leadership pool, not just among active job seekers, but across our combined industry-specific network. Our experienced recruiting team creates a niche pool of talent based on the specific needs of your executive search.

Find your Next Vice President of Sales in the Talent Zone

Looking to fill a VP of Sales role? We’ll find candidates that sit in your target Talent Zone, with specific experience and unique expertise that may allow them to move 1Up within your company.

There are also times when the best person for the job is already in your organization, and their combined familiarity and knowledge of the sales and marketing group, including specific sales strategies, could prove invaluable. TZR finds recruits the best talent wherever they are.

Our talent search firm is focused on engaging only with candidates that exist within the target talent zone for a given position.

We engage with potential candidates with a two-pronged approach. We want to learn more about them, but most importantly we want them to learn about your organization and your specific sales job description and expectations.


TZR Will Deliver the Right Candidate for Your Executive Search


Successful recruiting produces the right candidate, not just any candidate. Our interview process is designed to make the hiring process efficient and effective the first time. Our sales recruiters know what works and tailor the experience to your organization.

Once we engage with each potential candidate, we hand-select those that are the most ideal fit. The TZ Recruiting team then delivers those candidates to you for internal review to determine their potential to fit within your sales team. Our goal is always to find the candidate that fits the sales job description to a tee. We know that hiring any new role within your sales and marketing team, especially a new Vice President of Sales, is serious business.

From the beginning of the hiring process, we are committed to working alongside your organization with the same goal in mind - finding the ideal fit for any role on your sales leadership team.

We Know Your Needs Because We Understand Your Industry

Our knowledge and experience go beyond hiring sales leadership. We understand the complexities of numerous industries and how each requires a specific skill-set for success.

We understand the unique challenges you face, not only with managing the hiring process for sales and marketing positions, but also high-level sales leadership needed as team members retire.

TZ Recruiting is placing director and executive level sales and marketing roles across industries including:

Go Beyond Recruiting Your Next Vice President of Sales with TZR

CPG Recruiter fills a position and signs a new employee.

TZ Recruiting takes the time to understand your succession plans and workforce growth strategies and identify the potential candidates to fill your sales management team; all the way up to Vice President of Sales.

No matter the type of talent search, TZ Recruiting has a targeted solution to help identify the top prospects for your organization that will assist in making your sales strategy a success.

Our recruiting firm is able to assist with a variety of services including:

  • Retained Executive Search
  • Hybrid Executive Search
  • Confidential Executive Search
  • Internal Benchmarking Search


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