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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my resume that I submit to TZ Recruiting?

Your resume will be handled with our utmost care and confidentiality. We make every effort to contact you within 36 hours of submission to verify we have received it, and get any additional information that would be relevant. If you are not contacted by email, something has gone wrong in our system. Your information will be entered into our proprietary database, which is a primary tool used during our searches. If we see an opportunity that may be a potential fit for your career advancement, we will contact you directly.

Will you find me a job?

Simply put: We find people for jobs, rather than jobs for people. Our job opportunities are driven by the specific and unique needs of our clients. We help companies connect with the best people in the industry. Sometimes, we can achieve perfect timing and have a great job when you initially connect with us. We are a great, confidential place to keep you aware of new opportunities as the jobs come available.

What level searches do you work on?

TZ Recruiting works on all levels of search from C-Suite executives to first line managers. This crosses every functional area of a company.

As a candidate, do I have to pay to be represented?

No. Our fee is paid for by the client company who is hiring.