Hiring Trends in Consumer Packaged Goods


After a tumultuous few years dealing with the ups and downs of the COVID 19 pandemic, professionals in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector are focusing on several trends that are expected to affect hiring through the second half of 2023, and beyond.

A renewed focus on company culture, up/ re-skilling and the emergence of AI technology are top of mind across a lot of industries – and that is especially true in CPG. Read on to see how these areas of focus are making an impact and how we are staying ahead of the trends at TZR.

Positive Company Culture/ Brand Reputation

Brand awareness is absolutely essential in knowing how to approach highly sought after talent. Even within a candidate-rich environment, the best candidates are still the best, and there will be competition for those potential employees who will help you specifically achieve your goals.”

It should come as no surprise at this point to say that job seekers and consumers, alike, are paying close attention to your brand and its reputation both in the market as well as behind closed doors.

What your organization stands for – and how they message that to the masses – matters. Social media allows for word to spread quickly in good times and bad, and potential employees are listening. Keeping a close eye on how things are going on the inside is essential when it comes to reaching out to hire the best candidates. 

Forbes quotes Michael Esau, global HR value advisory at SAP. “… leaders realize they have to create an environment where people really want to work and can make the most valuable contribution. Being a great place to work is something that management at leading companies takes extremely seriously, and they’re creating a connected, knowledgeable, motivated workforce that’s united across departments in meeting the customer promise.”

Reskilling and Replacing CPG Talent

“…a greater need to satisfy the needs of consumers, who are increasingly interested in sustainable products, transparency, digital-purchasing options, and having a personalized relationship with their product manufacturer. What used to be an industry all about manufacturing things is now transforming into a hybrid that’s a little bit of a retailer and a little bit of a service provider.”

The market is constantly evolving and while unemployment numbers are stabilizing and organizations are rebounding from the larger-than-normal resignation numbers of a few years ago, the job market remains competitive –especially when you are looking to hire top talent in the CPG field.

Paired with rapid advances in technology, the need to replace and upskill employees has never been more important. Making up for lost time when it comes to filling open positions or training for new specialties is getting harder and harder.

Having a strategy upfront to address these challenges will set your organization apart in the short-term while also giving you a leg-up in the future as innovations in the way we do business continue to change the landscape.

“…leaders at CPG companies are rethinking employee learning as a powerful strategy to attract and retain people. But in this era of the personalized employee experience, reskilling and upskilling options depend on each worker’s unique situation. Some workers are looking for the resources to close skill gaps and move up the career ladder. Others may opt to stay where they are. Becoming an employer of choice requires companies to provide employees with choice”

The Digital Technology/ AI Effect

“…the consumer goods industry is heating up with examples of manufacturers and retailers trying to figure out just how generative AI tools make sense for their business while remaining cognizant of the accompanying hazards, including the technology’s ability to “hallucinate” and confidently provide incorrect information.”

There was a time when it felt possible to keep a finger on the pulse of technology while also moving forward with age-old business practices and maintaining at least a small part of the status quo.

Now, thanks to the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence technology, simply just doing ‘what we’ve always done’ isn’t going to work. The success of your organization in the future relies on the knowledge and expertise of your workforce, especially those that specialize in advanced technologies – like artificial intelligence – and its many strengths (and weaknesses!).

“What the consumer goods industry has come to understand, however, is that there is no ignoring it. Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, Open AI, and others are here to stay, will likely transform the industry, and must be embraced to proactively affect change in a responsible manner.” 

As a company it’s imperative that your hiring practices are evolving too. And, if you’re a candidate seeking a CPG role – see if you meet some of the TZR requirements here we are placing top talent every day and would love to connect with you.

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