Home Improvement Trends In 2019


As 2019 begins, companies are beginning to look at what this new year will hold for them and the business. There are a few interesting trends companies should capitalize on:

DIY is the name of the game

Forbes reports that in 2018, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population completed home improvement projects; but 93% of them did so without the help of a professional. Forbes says that with the vast amount of DIY videos and tutorials available with a simple YouTube search, most home owners, especially millennials, are completing tasks on their own. With only 7% seeking a professional or service, it is important for home improvement industry leaders to keep this in mind as they are looking for the best way to satisfy a customer.

Rental housing market is steadily increasing

In addition to DIY being on the rise, so is rental housing. With this comes an interesting side effect: the demand for ‘portable’ home improvement products. When looking for custom upgrades to put in homes, consumers are often looking for upgrades that can move with them, such as freestanding wine fridges and entertainment centers instead of the built-in versions of these amenities. This is important information for product developers.

Home improvement trends hold steady

The Home Improvement Research Institute predicts that the home improvement and remodeling trends will continue steadily into at least 2021.With less and less real estate available, more homeowners are, instead of moving, staying put and remodeling their homes, which is great news for the home improvement industry!

Between the rise in DIY, the rental housing markets, and remodeling trends, 2019 looks like a promising year for the industry, and if these trends continue, some say it could be one of the best years yet.

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