Is it Time to Move on to a New Job? What employees should consider.


We are tackling this question from both perspectives: employer and employee.

Why? Because we are all better humans when we take the time to consider another’s perspective, and secondly, because we operate on both sides of this story every day.

For the employee, many of the reasons they are considering moving on are a direct result of the culture shift created by the pandemic, but there are also challenges that have been lingering in the work week for decades.

For example, for many the top concern right now is around the safety of the workplace. Does the employee feel that the employer is taking the necessary steps to keep them and their colleagues safe?

Why employees are looking for new jobs

According to the Fall 2021 Monster report “Concerns about variants is the top reason candidates have stopped or paused their job search.”

However, some familiar themes are still weaving their way through a employee’s decision-making process: “29% of employees cite lack of growth when leaving a job, 77% of candidate define career growth as a salary increase.”

Employees are asking themselves: what is important to me now? The past 18 months have been challenging and it seems things continue to change daily.

45% of workers said they would be willing to stay with an employer if they were offered skills training. (specifically tech: computer skills, or job-specific training).

What should you consider before leaving your current role?

Employees ask yourself: is my hard work and dedication during this time being rewarded (whether financially or through opportunities to grow in my role)? These questions that many would ask themselves in ‘normal’ times seem to be especially pertinent during the pandemic.

“With remote work on the table, employers can vastly increase their candidate pool, and focus more on talent and experience than being tied to a geographic location”

With this in mind, job seekers need not limit their search to their current/desired geographic region. If you aren’t finding what you want in your hometown, there’s a whole world out there that is now accessible. Employees need to use this to their advantage.

The pandemic has changed the game as it relates to employee well-being and highlighted the challenges that many face when trying to secure employment that works for them on multiple levels.

Wellness time, such as a day or a week off from work for self-care, to ensure that everybody gets the downtime they need” – now is the time to ask for what you need in order to perform at your best.

Seek out employers who recognize this shift and understand the importance of addressing and working through these challenges together.

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