National Account Manager: Do you have what it takes?


Do you have what it takes to be a national account manager?
Lets find out.

During TZR’s unique process we find out if you belong in the Talent Zone and when it comes to NAMs there’s a lot at play.

At TZR we consider context and credibility to be key.

Our context of working with manufacturers that sell to companies like Lowe’s Home Improvement and The Home Depot is knowing what is going on in the channel, knowing how NAMs function, what systems they use, and how different companies are structured.

Understanding all of this is part of how TZR evaluates candidates, and how we know what our clients need.

We have credibility when we have conversations with clients because we know what to look for in a candidate.

Listen up

We speak the language. We know the intricacies of forecast analysis and demand planning. We look for those who can advocate for a retailer and their customers. We seek candidates who are responsive and know how to listen. NAMs need to be effective liaisons and that’s a skill that some innately possess, some can learn over time, and some will never have.

Advance your career

One TZR candidate who possesses many NAM characteristics, and who we have helped advance twice in his advancing career says “Mark and the team have always been upfront and honest. They provide great insight into the client they are working for and have made sure that I’ve always been well prepared for any interviews.”

The National Account Manager role is evolving

The candidate, who currently represents a vendor line into The Home Depot says his day “is filled with many calls with sales, marketing, product development, and supply chain. I also spend time analyzing store sales data (POS).”

This is on point with the changing times. National Account Manager roles are now more data driven, and require extraordinary category management skills. Since buyers change so frequently, they look for their NAMs to really know what is going on in the category, and need a partner who knows the numbers.

The candidate also says to be a successful NAM “You need to be a conversationalist, on time, ethical and a self-starter.”

Relationships are key to the account

Relationships are always important to secure any sale, but understanding what drives the business and the competition are top factors for leading any business in national accounts. And, is a primary factor for why TZR is so successful; our close working relationships mean we are able to individualize our services knowing what works for one client may not work for another.

There’s only one question

If you’re on the fence about reaching out or working with a recruiter, our well-placed candidate recommends “Tapping into the recruiter’s knowledge of the client and asking lots of questions!”

But we just have one question for you – are you ready to level up to a NAM? If so, call us. We have something for you.

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