Near Term Considerations for Long-Term Success – The Graduate Edition


AT TZR we work with experienced candidates and C-suite leaders, but the one thing they all have in common is 1UP potential… everyone has to ascend from somewhere.

As a new college graduate, it can be a bit daunting to step out into the unknown. A world of seemingly endless opportunity is exciting, to be sure, but a wide range of options can also be paralyzing.

While the immediate focus for graduates is likely securing a position in the field of their choice, new job seekers should also consider the long-term potential of the career – and choices within it – that they choose to pursue.

This becomes more evident given the threat of a looming recession, a job market that lacks stability and ever-evolving technology. No question, recent grads today face a number of hurdles. Thankfully, some constants remain and the right approach now can guarantee a much smoother path down the road.

Hard work remains the ticket to advancement

No matter how much the external landscape continues to shift, new graduates can rest assured that hard work, dedication and the willingness to learn will set them up for long-term career success.

Establishing a good work ethic early on will not only catch the attention of leadership, but will set the stage for good habits and practices down the road – all of which are key components to keep a career accelerating forward. says “As young workers search for stability and meaning when entering the working world, they’re changing their behaviors and mindsets to “recession-proof” their futures.”

Specialty roles remain in high-demand

While the specifics of what constitutes a ‘specialty role’ have changed dramatically over the decades, what remains constant is that professionals who identify and pursue these types of roles will find security and stability that will stand the test of time.

Training opportunities and incentives to fill these roles are plenty and high demand ensures job seekers will have the ability to be selective in where they spend their career.

Some of the most in-demand specialty career fields for new grads include logistics, analysis, and transportation.

Employers are paying attention

While job seekers are tasked with the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the right position to fit their short and long-term goals, changes to the labor market have given workers an advantage that didn’t exist in the same way just a few short years ago – and employers are paying attention.

“Some recommended practices to implement include internal apprenticeship programs, certification programs, and leadership development meetings with senior employees,” says Criteria.

The renewed focus on what works for employees means that, in many cases, managers and senior leadership have a closer eye on what’s working for their teams.

And for those that are looking to capitalize on this to secure career stability through promotions and other advancement opportunities, it’s wise to consider what you can do from day one to attract the right kind of attention.

Top Tips

“To identify ways you might get promoted, take a closer look at some of the people in your company who have received a promotion in recent years. Situational awareness is one of the keys to claiming your promotion. Look for common personality traits, achievements and habits among those who have successfully been promoted.”

  • Look for opportunities where your knowledge and abilities can be showcased, such as staff meetings or performance reviews.
  • Volunteer to get involved in projects in other departments or participate in company-wide events.

“Your work performance should show that you have already mastered your current role and are ready to take on a more challenging position in the company.”

The importance of setting yourself up for success from the start cannot be understated. The choices made early in one’s career will have a significant impact on the chances of being recruited down the road. Putting in the work now puts you on the right track, making these early resume builders more than just a stepping stone for advancement – they’ll become the launch pad for your long-term planning and position you as the ultimate target for your dream job down the road. And, when you’re ready for the next step TZR will be here for you.

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