‘People Supply’ Challenges in Operations

Smart factory concept: Asian female staff is holding tablet and checking process status on monitor

By now, we’ve heard plenty about the supply chain issues that plagued the US economy during peak pandemic times.

Shortages across almost all industries created an untenable situation for many companies which, in turn, impacted consumers directly.

The welcomed economic bounce back has gotten some things back on track, however many industries are experiencing a new supply chain issue of their own – a lack of qualified, interested candidates to fill roles being vacated by retirees and employees leaving for better opportunities.

What’s an Operations Manager to do?

There is perhaps no department that feels these challenges more than Operations and Logistics.

Full of positions often filled by skilled, blue-collar workers, Operations is the heartbeat of many organizations, especially those in manufacturing and distribution.

The ability to quickly identify and hire these highly trained professionals is the key to keeping business running smoothly. And their value shouldn’t be underestimated.

“In any organization, blue-collar workers are an essential part of the team. Blue-collar employees are responsible for many duties and tasks that help keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. They provide physical labor, operate machinery, maintain tools and equipment, manage inventory, and assist in customer service when needed.”

Where and Who is the Qualified Talent in Operations?

The issue isn’t necessarily a lack of jobs in the Operations field – it’s a shortage of people to fill them.

And, when it comes to skilled-labor, the pool just isn’t as deep as it was in previous generations. One of the main driving factors of this? Younger people are encouraged to pursue 4-year degrees rather than learn a trade…”

Blue-collar work itself has changed, as well. Technology, automation, AI and other advances in the way products are manufactured has redefined what it means to be in this line of work. It takes a strong COO to help identify the talent in all levels of your company.

This is also where TZR’s strategy that involves evaluating both character and credentials has been proven successful time after time.

Efficiency and Consistency are Key

The shortage of professionals trained for Operations-specific positions as well as the evolving expectations for workers means that your recruiting efforts to fill these roles will have to change, too.

Companies will have to grapple with a shortage of qualified candidates due to automation, artificial intelligence, and other technology tools being adopted by organizations across all sectors.”

At TZR, we believe nothing sets our clients up for success more than our established network of leadership professionals across all industries.

Access to a pool of talented job seekers relieves the stress of recruiting and hiring, especially when the demand outweighs supply.

We know what candidates expect and how to expedite the process while not negatively impacting the effectiveness.

If the past few years have taught us anything, we understand more than ever, the value of being ready to react to the unexpected at a moment’s notice. In an environment of constant change, your Operations team needs to be strong and nimble. Working with our team of professional recruiters gives your organization the confidence it needs to face the current ‘people supply’ challenges with speed and efficiency.

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