Q4 Recruiting Strategies – Hire Right and Hire Right Now

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While it may seem counterintuitive to start looking to fill new positions as we approach the beginning of the end of 2023, there are a lot of benefits to hiring during the late third/early fourth quarter.

In this period of relative quiet after back-to-school and before the rush of the holiday season starts, taking a mental inventory of what the rest of the year looks like and considering goals for starting the new calendar year on the right foot may very well mean that now is the time to look for the talent you need to get you over the finish line and start January strong.

It’s easy to get caught up in winding down but remember, “…if a job is open and companies are looking to hire soon, there is no slow period.”

In fact, at a time when most executive teams are meeting to discuss strategy for the following year, end of Q3 should be when organizations start to get an idea of what’s to come and capitalize on a slightly slower market to scoop up talent that will make a big impact in the not-so-distant future.

As organizations actively engage in strategic planning in the latter part of the year, CEOs and other executives must be certain that recruiting leaders are deeply involved in the process. In addition to ensuring full alignment on the organization’s goals and objectives, leaders must assess the external and candidate experience factors that will impact the organization’s efforts.”

Recognizing that the new year is often prime time for companies to make bold changes, staffing-up now can make any larger-than-normal transitions unroll more smoothly in Q1.

Avoid Holiday woes and slow response times

“The end-of-year holidays may cause slower responses from candidates in general; avoid reaching out to any candidates on major holidays, and once mid-December hits, potentially wait until the new year to engage new candidates.”

This approach to late-year hiring isn’t unique. It’s likely that a number of your counterparts throughout the industry are thinking the same thing – plans for 2024 are being released internally and managers in all departments are starting to consider what they will need for the year to come.

Launching a hiring blitz in January will no doubt be too late in many cases and the looming holiday’s mean that response times – and more importantly, motivation to leave right before bonus season – will soon affect many top candidate’s decision making.

Getting ahead of the curve in early fall can mean the difference between landing the ideal candidate and waiting weeks to hear from them as one holiday after another start to fill the calendar in November.

Happy New Year hiring tips

Hiring managers across all industries will be looking to fill roles before the end of the year, and once again, candidates in in-demand fields may feel bombarded by offers.”

As you evaluate your hiring needs this fall, consider a few of the following tips to ensure you are reaching the best candidates for your organization:

  1. Slightly modify the messaging on your job announcements to emphasize urgency. This will motivate candidates to apply for your opportunities first, rather than putting them at the bottom of their list of jobs to apply for
  2. Be sure you are making it easy for the candidates to apply through a mobile ready platform
  3. Once you receive resumes, remember to reply to them in a timely manner so you don’t lose candidates
  4. Take extra time to make your candidate’s journey with you impactful, as they will be your best advocates in the future

Strategic planning for the win today and tomorrow

Achieving a balance between effectively planning for what’s to come without making knee-jerk hiring decisions based on concerns about the looming challenges of the holiday season is imperative this month.

Working with TZR to manage the fall hiring process can help your organization strategize the best timeline and get in touch with quality candidates who are ready to make a change. Whether it’s filling one or two key positions that will start making an impact going into Q4 or filling out a new team that will serve a vital role on January 1, we are here to make your end-of-year hiring seamless and successful.

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