Refreshed Recruiting


Hello, it’s Mark.

You may have noticed we have been doing some spring cleaning around here.

At TZ Recruiting we value the numbers. But we also trust our gut. Just like how you feel good about the handshake that closes the deal… we knew we were ready for a brand refresh.

It’s been 6 years since we started placing people from our Talent Zone into the right positions, and it was time that our brand better reflect our unique process.

We wanted to communicate trust, partnership, expertise, and confidence. We are a ‘people business’; we do a great job of building confidence with candidates and clients when we get to talk with them, but we need our brand to lay that foundation before the first call comes in.

We moved our color palette away from an overused black/red/gray scheme to colors more associated with the brands in the industries we serve. Blue = trust/dedication, orange is creativity/energy, and green typically conveys growth. All of these traits resonate with the core of TZR. 

We selected some new fonts, too. I talked a lot with our marketing agency about including some kind of accent text that we could use. We landed on the handwritten typeface because, like the new colors, it speaks to the essence of who we are – some of the best ideas and deals are jotted down on the back of a napkin.

We also made some upgrades to our website. We updated to a modern mobile-first website framework which keeps step with the shift in human resources as communications, organization, hiring, and onboarding is increasingly managed remotely. And, we know so much of your work is done on a mobile device or tablet; increased accessibility via the website creates more value for you and us. 

It was important that the new site highlight our unique systemized approach to talent acquisition and placement. You can now easily navigate what we offer and dive deeper on which stage of our process you need. 

The website also draws much-needed attention to our unparalleled industry expertise. Our partners consistently appreciate our industry knowledge as it correlates to faster hires and most importantly finding the best fit. Structuring the new website to highlight these industries and services will help us reach a larger number of applicants specifically qualified for the niche you need to fill.

If you’ve been with us for a while, we thank you and hope you like what we’ve done. If you’re new to us, I hope our refresh gives you the confidence to call, we’d love to work with you.

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