Searching for omnichannel marketing eCommerce experts? TZR Can Help.


What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing creates a seamless experience for the customer across all channels.
Think: digital (social media, eCommerce purchases) that integrates with interpersonal interactions.

In the building industries it touches on in-store/B2C and B2B, involving everyone from sales, customer services, supply chain managers and more. All departments need to work together.

Another way to think about it is ‘what is the customer’s journey’: a strategy that acknowledges that consumers know who you are or have access to your information, and will toggle between devices, in-store and other channels – you want them to have a cohesive experience. (In a multi-channel plan the user would receive a variety of communications that are not necessarily synchronized.)

How we hire for marketing and sales positions

Hiring for a marketing or sales position for omnichannel is no small feat.

Our unique recruitment process – and specifically the fact that it is dynamic and responsive to changing market needs, has never felt more relevant and needed than it is today.

We strategize about each hire, considering the best candidates to enter our Talent Zone; we have a deep bench of proven winners as well as knowing who and where new talent resides.

Read here about hiring character over credentials – when it comes to omnichannel marketing you’ll see why our process works time and again.

Who is the right fit for an omnichannel marketing or sales position?

Our years of experience can tell you this:

Customer experience comes first

You need someone who is focused on getting results by prioritizing the customer.

Are they empathetic, a good listener, do they blend knowledge and instinct? Do they know the market and have a sense of the customer’s journey – can they identify gaps in demographics, breaks in patterns or recognize the establishment of repeat purchases?

Omnichannel marketers need to be able to research and advise on everything from inventory to new techniques that increase ROI, they need to have an eye toward tomorrow while being firmly planted in today’s responsibilities.

We look for people who can lead – this doesn’t always have to mean functioning in a leadership position, but it does mean you need to be able to lead yourself, a project, or your many changing daily tasks.

Attention to Detail
Such an overused phrase – but you know when someone has it and when they don’t. And if you want to be an omnichannel marketer you. need. it.

You’re juggling several campaigns at one time, you’re looking for errors and opportunities, and most of all communicating clarity.


Hiring someone who is thorough and knows how to fix the issues is essential.

It’s more than just having an analytical mind. A top candidate for a sales and marketing omnichannel role will need to know how to interpret inventory management software and take a data-driven approach, but to be truly successful it still comes down to understanding your customer – that will tell you how to best utilize your data.

Understanding the data and new ideas are always welcome at TZR too. Find out more about all of the industries we serve here.

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