The Success of our 1 Up Process

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At TZ Recruiting we approach every screening process with the mindset of ‘1 Up’.  When we evaluate and move our candidates into the Talent Zone we assess if they can not only fill the role they are being considered for, but also have the ability to grow into the next one.  This adds tremendous value for our clients; they get someone who can fit now, and also play a role in the company’s succession plan.

Save Time and Money

How does placing a candidate with the capacity for growth save our clients money? By hiring someone with certified ‘1 Up’ potential, a company is investing in the future of their business, and getting higher performance from the employee in their current role.  That investment in training, development and time creates a higher ROI on the new hire.

The Power of Performance and Promotability

What do we look for when assessing ‘1 Up’ potential? It’s a unique formula that we have perfected over the years, and while we can’t give away our secret sauce recipe, what we can share are a few things we consider:

  • Historical performance,
  • promotability,
  • current attitude.

Performance track record is obviously essential, but most of determining a candidate’s ‘1 Up’ potential comes down to their mindset. Staying humble, overcoming objections, and being willing to help others especially when it’s hard, gets our attention.  

The Process Works Because Sometimes it Isn’t Right

One thing to note is that the ‘1 Up’ process isn’t for everyone – and this is where our knowledge of your business and the industries you serve, combined with our years of recruiting experience really come into play.

Not every position needs someone who can advance into a leadership role.  For example, a great territory sales rep who consistently puts up their numbers and has deep relationships with their customers, may not be the best person for management. 

Sales managers sometimes possess different skillsets than the top sales person.  There are many other positions in a company where you need good, boots on the ground, engaged soldiers rather than in-office commanders. 

It is important to identify where these key influencer roles are needed and place ‘1 Up’ talent into those spots, while still investing in training for every employee ensuring strong performances at all levels. 

Invest in a Succession Plan Now

At TZ Recruiting we often notice that succession planning is secondary for many companies.

We encourage teams to think proactively and actively include succession planning in their policies, and make it part of their culture.

Succession planning moves organizations beyond filling an urgent opening or covering a workload to meet deadlines.

We recommend a strategic approach and long-term thinking to identify key areas of the business where you need a deep bench of talent or want leaders to emerge… in other words hiring using our 1 Up process. 

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