Top 5 Things Gen Z Needs and TZR Can Deliver on When Hiring


Every generation has their own take and style on the way they want to work and live. We’ve noticed a few trends when it comes to Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012.)

Read on for our top five takes on how to secure the top talent in this demographic:

1. FLEXIBILITY (both schedule and geography)

More workers expect flexibility, the ability to work remotely, the opportunity to work from anywhere. Three in 10 job seekers (32%) would need to see opportunities for remote or hybrid work options to entice them to apply for a job. And 59% of employers hiring for remote or hybrid entry-level positions focus on candidate quality and their ability to join the company quickly versus a local candidate who could work in-person if needed.

One other dynamic to emerge is that some young people may be rethinking their future aspirations in regard to tertiary education which in turn impacts the qualifications that companies are requiring for candidates/ positions.

 “The pandemic presented a lot of options for Gen Z folks. There are more online options at many colleges, and you’ve got greater geographic flexibility,” Schaffer says. “I think young people continue to question what is going to get them where they want to go, and with more options available, I think more young people are looking to professional certifications and different pathways of learning, not just college alone.”

HOW TZR CAN HELP: We have a vast network of skilled, qualified candidates located across the country and we are experts at working within your company’s specified framework to identify candidates that fit your needs. Whether it’s working remotely or hybrid; location-specific or national, our job is to know what you want and understand what our job seekers need. We’ll work with your organization to set clear expectations for each position and fill those positions with professionals who have the talent and the same goals.   


This generation is future-minded, and therefore more willing to stay loyal to companies that invest in them…

“They’ve experienced a high-cost college, student loan debt, they’ve seen their big brothers, sisters, older friends suffer through under employment and unemployment now with COVID, and they want a pathway with some guarantees.”

HOW TZR CAN HELP: Using our unique Identify + Engage + Deliver hiring strategy, we find candidates that fall into your specific Talent Zone, that sweet spot of the skills you need paired with the potential you want.

This process allows us to dig deep into what your organization can offer and how it pairs with what your ideal candidate expects. As strategic partners with your organization, we not only know what you need now but what you’ll need in the future – and we will identify candidates who you’ll want to have around long-term.


One third of college grads say they wouldn’t accept a job at a company that doesn’t have a diverse workforce. Another quarter say they wouldn’t work for an organization without women (26%) or diversity (25%) in leadership roles.

HOW TZR CAN HELP: We value diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring process and we know how important it is, not only for the success of your business but for creating a positive experience during both the recruitment and hiring phase. We work with the best at TZR and our process delivers exceptional candidates, every time.


Gen Z expects on the job training and professional development opportunities. Simply put, companies need to be more willing to train people. “As far as what that training should look like, consider leaving behind the boring, recorded training sessions that Gen X and some Millennials tolerated, says Karen Jones, director, workforce strategies and employment solutions for Adecco Group Foundation US, a nonprofit that’s helping address the skills gap in the United States through upskilling, reskilling, and apprenticeship programs.

Gen Z is different in that they’re avid multitaskers. They’re used to stimulation from multiple sources and would benefit from training that involves multiple platforms. They need different types of interaction to keep them engaged. Gen Z’s early career talent needs to be in a position where they can try things — where they can get into a role, learn it and also have some mobility into other roles,” notes Jones.

“They have an entrepreneurial spirit,” says Jones. They’re also not afraid to go on YouTube to learn a software program or how to complete a DIY project. “They’re saying, ‘don’t discount me because I don’t have it on my resume. I can learn it.’”

HOW TZR CAN HELP: Anyone can read a resume; it’s our ability to identify the intangible qualities that make a candidate deserving of a long-term investment by your organization that really sets us apart.

We aren’t just looking to fill the position right now – instead, our approach is always to 1UP, finding the right fit for you today and in the future. Additionally, TZR offers an internal benchmarking tool that allows your organization to take a look inside and see where your talent is strong and where changes may be necessary. We can help identify important skills in your current workforce that may translate to more success for an individual as well as your company as a whole.


Gen Z wants security, and that means they want to work for a company they can rely on. These candidates may want to know salary details that older seekers won’t (even when it comes to the C-suite). They may want to understand the racial makeup of your executive leadership team, and if it’s not diverse, they’ll want to know that you’re working on improving things.

They want to know what you’re going to give them for their loyalty and their talent, and they may not wait for an interview to hear it first-hand. That’s where being a truly transparent, dynamic employer is key. You want to establish your employer value proposition and create a strategy to communicate your values and offerings to candidates before they even apply.

HOW TZR CAN HELP: This is what we do. We provide a streamlined, efficient process that treats all job-seekers with the respect and professionalism they deserve. We start with a thorough review of your needs and go to market with an agreed upon approach that gives candidates confidence in the process – and in you. We’ll provide clear communication, define expectations up front, follow timelines to a tee and wrap up the process in a way that leaves everyone feeling good about their experience.

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