Top Questions You’re Asking About Recruitment Right Now – A Note from TZR president, Mark Fisher

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In the world of recruiting, staying on top of trends in the market and understanding how those will affect our partners as they look to hire, is our first priority. It’s how we continually deliver on our promise to find the best candidate for any role, every time.

When hiring a recruiting firm, a client’s priorities are a bit different. They rely on us to know the trends. What they need to know is how TZR is uniquely positioned to help them meet their hiring goals. It’s true no matter where your search takes you – understanding the process of working with a recruiter is the first step in finding the ideal partner.

To start, potential clients want to take a deep dive into how we identify and communicate with our candidate pool. Often, they have had a job posted for a while and have not received responses from the quality of applicants they want. Our first step is not to turn around and post the job again, rather, we specifically target the level and type of talent we need, then actively and persistently approach that talent with the opportunity.

The best recruiting firms out there have an existing talent pool that they nurture and grow so that, as the right client comes around, they know exactly who to talk to.

Next, we are often asked how the fee structure works in our industry. While the details may vary from firm to firm, its important to understand that a large majority of recruiting firms work within the same basic fee structures. The more important question is – what value are you getting for the fee?

The value of partnering with an industry expert is access to a process that will deliver a much deeper evaluation of the “best talent available in the market” versus the “first available talent” – those who respond to a posting or LinkedIn message.  At TZR, we go deeper to reach the passive candidates who are open to exploring opportunities and not just those actively looking – delivering a product that is of a much higher value than the generalist contingent firm.

Once the process of working with a firm is clear, the conversation usually turns to the market as a whole. The top question we get is, “What are you seeing out there?” and that’s the right thing to ask. Being in the market every day, we see real time shifts – and as the market changes, so do the expectations of the talent pool. Our clients must feel 100% confident in our ability to make recommendations based on a mix of current data and years of industry expertise.

That said, keeping momentum in the recruiting process is critical to landing the best talent. At TZR, we are committed to only presenting the top 10-15% level candidates of the marketplace, which means these candidates are in high demand.  Working a lock-step process keeps momentum, giving our clients the best shot at landing the best talent. Often, working through internal delays with interviewing causes a lull, risking the loss of great candidates who are actively interviewing and recieveing multiple offers. Establishing that trust with a new client upfront helps avoid this common bottleneck.

Another roadblock we often face with clients is indecision. This can take many forms, such as difficulty choosing the best fit among the selected pool, changing direction on the position itself and funding challenges. This kind of start and stop process gives candidates and the market a negative perception of your brand and can affect your ability to hire the best of the best. Fortunately with strong communication and a consistent feedback loop, we can help avoid getting stuck behind indecision and work quickly and efficiently to reach your goals.

 When it comes down to it, working with a recruiting firm like TZR is meant to simplify the process of identifying talent and finding the perfect fit for your open positions, so your team can focus on reaching larger company goals. To do so, the best piece of advice we can offer to potential clients is – trust us! Our job is to work our tried and true process, honed over years of experience, to produce results we can be proud of. We care about people and their careers – we take this work seriously! – and built our firm on the trust of our clients, candidates and partners, with the guarantee of finding the best fit for any given role, every time.

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