Understanding the Relationship of Brand Marketing and Product Managers in Business Development


A common point of confusion in business revolves around the difference between brand perception and the actual quality and value of a product.

While an in-demand product is essential for success, an organization will find it difficult to operate at the next level without a solid brand reputation.

With the number of options available to consumers today, establishing brand loyalty should be a top priority.

While your operations and manufacturing team is focused on quality and value, your marketing and sales team should be reaching out to consumers to educate them about your brand, introducing them to your product offering(s) and clearly communicating why yours is the superior choice. 

“The value of perception is very measurable when it comes to product pricing. When two companies sell a near-indistinguishable product, the one with a stronger brand will be able to preserve or even elevate the price point,” BrandExtract.

Better Together

Working in tandem, these two departments can create a solid foundation among consumers – one that is sure to keep your company top of mind and steadily rising above your competitors.

Having smart, strategic people at the top of these lines of business is an essential part of keeping your organization competitive and successful.

You’re attracting external consumers and potential customers with strong brand and product strategy, plus both can go a long way in aiding your recruiting and retention efforts, as well as an individual’s ability to 1UP.

“Strong brands are a tremendous help for talent acquisition and retention. The time to recruit, for example, has a very tangible cost attached to it. The longer it takes to source the right talent for specific positions can equate to lost revenue.”

“A strong brand enables you to fill open roles more effectively and affordably. And the culture that delivers your brand can affect the salary your company offers as well as the skill level of potential candidates,” BrandExtract.

Why are Brand and Product Managers essential?

According to this report, “Product management vs. Brand Management is the two parts of the same coin, which function in the same format, but both sides differ.”

On one side, you have Product Managers whose primary role is “…making the product a success. Conceptualizes the product to suit the right audience and time. Ensures the product has all the features conducive to the target people…”

On the other – the Brand Manager, whose job it is to “…build(s) the brand positioning and keep(s) the brand success sustained for many years. It is about cultivating the consistency of the brand that comes up with efforts to generate the presence felt.”

When done successfully, “Brand loyalty generates trust, loyalty, value, commitment, and repeat purchases. It is generated as your customers know what you offer them regarding services and product satisfaction.”

It is clear, then, that the two roles must work together to first create a product that consumers will want, and, second, sell that product – and your company as a whole – as an entity people can rely on.

“The relationship between both aspects of marketing is synergetic. A strong, high-performance product supports the credibility and builds the reputation of your brand. An equally strong, well-respected brand is critical for helping customers overcome hesitancy toward a brand-new product. Syncing product marketing and branding can contribute to successful product launches and long-term sales,” Forbes.

Finding the right people to manage this process successfully is the key to operating a business that can sustain for the long-term. While product managers can focus on creating the next-best-thing in the industry, brand managers should be hard at work building and maintaining your organization’s reputation for the long-haul.

Branding is more oriented towards an emotional side. A Brand manager touches the emotional chord of the potential customers so that they can immediately feel related to the brand of the product or services they are offering.”

At TZR we pride ourselves on our ability to not only find the right fit for your next open position, but also help you take stock of your current team and determine where strengths and weaknesses lie. This is especially important when it comes to your product and branding groups.

Identifying those employees that have long-term potential allows you to build a team around them that can ensure continuity in an ever-changing environment; teams that are hard at work creating products that meet the needs of consumers and building a brand that stands out among competitors. Getting your Product and Brand team on the same page now ensures success for years to come.

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