Identifying a VP of Brand Marketing

From a retention perspective, branding is key to building internal loyalty. Employees who believe in your brand are far more engaged and likely to perform well in the short- and long-term. And, perhaps more importantly, they will become advocates ready to champion your company’s values every day.”

When looking for a successful VP, Brand Marketing, consider the following attributes when developing a job description as well as during the interview process:

The right candidate will understand the importance of communication both internally and externally. Brand Marketing and advertising are key, but being able to sell your vision for the brand internally goes a long way.  

Solution Oriented

Look for someone who can handle never-ending cycle of questions and challenges by meeting them with measured, rational solutions.  Brand leaders need to find creative solutions to meet the needs of the end user, as well as distribution partners and internal corporate financial objectives. 

Adaptable Under Pressure

See above; the right person in Brand Marketing can manage and adapt under pressure and be counted on to present solutions that will work.  Facilitating end to end collaboration is key to make solutions to become reality.

Creative Thinker

Among unprecedented competition in almost every industry, a successful VP, Brand Marketing is prepared to take innovative and interesting steps to bring your organization to the next-level.  Creativity is central to brand leadership from how the brand is communicated to problems solving in the market.

Social Media Savvy

In today’s media landscape, keeping a finger on the pulse of what consumers are saying and being able to communicate successfully in that same space is essential.  Brand awareness to the consumer is critical to control brand image, essence and has great influence on consumption, so having a strong engagement with social media is critical to any brand. 

The ability of this role to work with the VP of Product Management is the key to success in the current market as well as looking to the future.


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