What’s happening with the manufacturing talent gap?


The manufacturing industry is being reimagined. Obviously, it has adapted during the global pandemic, but the blending of advanced tech and digital needs was already well underway. At TZR what we know is important is finding the best ways to blend-in uniquely human skills with high productivity in the changing landscape.

The changing face of manufacturing

Part of the reason the manufacturing talent gap exists is because baby boomers are retiring from the work force. But it’s not just the labor that is lost when they leave, it is years of skilled knowledge and expertise.

Part of the issue: The manufacturing marketplace has changed, and attitudes and a willingness to work in this redefined space is required.

Historically, manufacturing has been seen by some as an undesirable field with an inability to keep pace with advancing tech beyond the initial automation of the industry.

The mismatch of skill may be a misunderstanding. The way we see it at TZ Recruiting is that while many manufacturing positions require increasingly specific skills, the ability to troubleshoot complex issues, be creative and lead are highly-desired. We look for candidates who can or have cross-trained, who are willing to learn and lead, and who have 1UP potential to fill the high-earning positions that are available.

Is your future bright or full of fright?

You need high-producers now, but we also want to prepare your team for the future.

Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute Study quotes this forecast: “The changing landscape of the manufacturing industry, paired with an outdated reputation and quickly developing technology, has created this gap between the skills that manufacturing workers have and those needed by employers.  If this disparity is not addressed, the manufacturing industry could see supply shortages, supply chain breakdowns, and rising costs.”

This is why our unique approach to recruiting is needed now more than ever.

The search for sector-specific leadership and top-level sales/marketing positions can be challenging. At TZR our Executive Search process for manufacturing sectors is focused on finding and placing qualified candidates in roles across operations and manufacturing leadership, engineering and product development and supply chain management roles.

We take the time to identify the ideal candidate for every role every time.

By the numbers

Millions and billions. Whether we are talking about people or dollars those are big numbers with a big impact predicted for the manufacturing industry.

This report found that “As growth in the U.S. economy continues and manufacturers create more and more jobs in a thriving sector, the industry may have as many as 2.4 million jobs to fill between now and 2028. The lack of qualified talent could cause the U.S. to lose $454 billion in manufacturing GDP billion by 2028.”

TZ Recruiting can fill the manufacturing talent gap

When it comes to finding specialized leadership roles, the TZR team has the experience to identify candidates that will excel in operational leadership, supply chain management and manufacturing sales and marketing.

Whether you’re looking for a VP of operations, an engineering manager, plant manager, or supply chain expert we can help. Filling critical roles with talent that are uniquely qualified to push your organization toward continuous growth and high production on their first day is what we are passionate about.

We monitor industry trends and evolve our process and efforts to stay ahead of what’s happening in the manufacturing industry. Check out the list of the sectors where we consistently place talent, knowing that with each search we implement our proven process: Identify, Engage, Deliver – that guarantees you the right results with every placement.

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