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At TZR, we are focused on recruiting the best candidates for your company so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Working with clients across a variety of industries, our strength lies in leveraging our network of qualified, vetted job seekers to place those at the top of their game in roles at every level.

A great example of TZR’s boots-on-the-ground approach is from one of our longtime partnerships with a fortune 200 buildings manufacturer; launched 2019 and – just three years in – it serves as a prime example of how we help find the right fit for our clients, every time.

Placed 46 people in the last 3 years

The industry-leading power tool brand recognized that we’re currently operating in a candidate-driven market, with plenty of demand for jobs and labor in short supply.

That is why it’s more important than ever to have access to an established network of professionals and experienced recruiters to identify the best fit for the role – fast. Time is of the essence when it comes to top talent in a candidate-driven market. Every day spent searching through piles of resumes is a day that a top recruit could accept another offer.  

Over 2/3 of those placements were diversity placements

The client made it a priority to be more diverse and inclusive in their workforce.

A huge part of successful recruiting depends on the brand awareness and reputation of your organization; and that includes staying on top of what job seekers and employees, alike, value in an organization. An emphasis on diversity shows candidates you understand that different perspectives and experiences serve to enrich your company culture and enhance your final product.   

Maintain approximately 85% talent retention rate

The long-term partner understands that their best employees end up as targeted recruits for their competitors.

Our job doesn’t end once one of our recruits accepts an offer. At TZR, we are always on the lookout for candidates with 1-Up potential; those that can make a difference from day one and contribute to the future success of your company. We encourage our clients to consider factors like in-office schedules, diversity/inclusion, and work/life balance as part of an overarching strategy to bring in the best talent – and keep them.

8 promoted during the first year of employment

The client had great focus on longevity of hires and the value of having qualified talent acquisition experts to help place the right talent in the right roles. 

Top performers want/need to feel like they’re having an impact. Identify the employees you really want to keep for the long term and then put a plan in place to make sure that happens – including assigning special projects where they can demonstrate their skills, prioritizing pay and incentives, fast tracking their promotion plan and investing in upskilling opportunities.

Are you ready for a customized recruiting experience? Reach out to us today so we can start planning your hiring success.

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